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RBP 74R Silencer 20×10 5×114.3 BP / 5 BS -12mm Offset 78mm CB (Hub Centric) Gloss Black Wheel

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  • Photo – Close Up
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  • Photo – Unmounted
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59 lbs
23 × 23 × 12 in
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$309.00 $237.19


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$309.00 $237.19

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As a discerning truck owner, you demand big, custom wheels that deliver the powerful presentation and durable quality that earn the right to be on your vehicle. Rolling Big Power wheels are designed for trucks (lifted and non-lifted) with styles that make a statement and grab attention for the right reasons. RBP wheels are crafted from the highest quality aluminum alloy and are available in a wide assortment of designs and finishes. Whether you’re looking to motor over dune and through muck like a monster-mudder, or just prefer an aggressive yet classy frame for your tires to spin outside of, RBP wheels are nothing short of ?enduro,? going from off-road thrashing to a night on-the-town with just a ?shower? in between. Choose to stand out with machined black, chrome, or chrome and black inserts for an off-the-rack presentation to accent your custom hauler, or pick a style and choose your own custom finish to bring your aesthetic vision to reality. Committed to top-tier manufacturing, RBP wheels adhere to the most stringent standards for design integrity and quality control. As part of our design and engineering process, RBP wheels are computer-measured for bolt-patterns and size. Once the design is finalized, the alloy is melted down, cooled, and trimmed of excess metal. Once trimmed, wheels are machined for final design and detail; then heated once again and coated with the finish of your choice. This process ensures the lightweight footprint, detail, and durability that every discerning driver deserves, and Rolling Big Power delivers.

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59 lbs
23 × 23 × 12 in

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Compatible Vehicles

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1988 Jeep Wrangler S L6
1988 - 1995 Jeep Wrangler Sahara L6
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1997 - 2005 Jeep Wrangler SE L4
1997 - 2006 Jeep Wrangler Sport L6
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